Saturday, March 10, 2007

First Day of Skiing

I survived the first day of skiing. Joseph, Morgan (mysql tech support) and I stuck together and stayed on the easy slopes. We are all about the same level so this worked out really well. Heading down one green trail, we saw the "Enchanted Forest" with inviting wood cut outs. We couldn't resist and were soon among the trees and and the large cutout illustrations. Apparantly though, "Enchanted Forest" must mean "Colorful Death Trap" in French. Large moguls, very tight turns and lots of "enchanted" trees getting in your way. I prayed to Sony Bono. We finally abandoned that "green" trail to get back to the main trail we originally were on. The one nice thing about it though was that it really forced the skills to come back quickly. The original trail was now a piece of cake.

Tonight we are having dinner with the PHP Quebec user's group in Quebec city. I'm pretty beat so I'll be happy if I can keep my eyes open and avoid drooling if do happen to fall asleep.